Now is the Time to Join IIDA!

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) offers members strong networking and tangible benefits for education, inspiration, and professional development. Membership in IIDA provides access to resources that can help you get ahead in your career. Benefits include subscriptions to leading magazines, tuition reimbursement opportunities, the chance to reach colleagues around the world, as well as reduced fees for exciting initiatives and events.

Interested in joining? Here’s what to expect:

  • 1. Join IIDA to Become an Official Member

    The first step is to register at the national site to become an official IIDA member. Here’s the link: Register Here

  • 2. Attend Events

    The best way to meet new people is to attend an event. IIDA hosts several events each year designed to connect you with other Interior Designers.

  • 3. Get CEU's

    IIDA is one of the best ways to continue your Interior Designer education. Stay up to date with state requirements by attending one or more CEU events throughout the year.

  • 4. Get Involved

    Attend a meeting. Join a committee. Contribute to the design community. This is the fun part where you get to make an impact in the area that you love!

Membership Pricing:

  • Professional: $515
  • Associate: $295
  • Affiliate: $515
  • Educator:
    Professional: $295
    Associate: $260
  • Student:
    Student: $60
    Upgrade: $150

Everyday IIDA…

  1. Increases the awareness, value, and impact of Commercial Interior Design on business leadership for Designers everywhere.
  2. Connects Commercial Interior Designers to ideas, opportunism, and experts worldwide
  3. Offers programs to expand the knowledge of Commercial Interior Design professionals who create environments that matter.
  4. Is the only organization with a proven history and focus on how Interior Design impacts the “bottom line”.

Here’s a few more reasons to join IIDA

Grow Your Network

Drastically increase your network of design professionals and make connections with companies and professionals across the entire state.

Industry Tools and Resources

We all know the more you know, the more value you create for your company or clients. We provide all of our members with valuable industry resources to keep you at the top of your game!

Get Involved

It’s fun to be involved in the industry you love. Teach, learn & connect with amazing people just like you!


  • Join IIDA "I've loved being a part of the IIDA board because I believe the organization serves as a focal point of leadership for the entire industry in Alabama. Our board does a great job of supporting the national IIDA movement along with keeping local A&D, dealers, etc networked and involved with partnerships, trends, projects, etc to further enhance and develop their relationships. The Alabama IIDA board leadership has done a fantastic job in keeping us current with other IIDA chapters throughout the country winning several awards in the past few years. This is a testament to the time and effort that's put in by our board to continually forward our chapter and their impact on our growing industry. " Clint DeCoux
    Kimball Office
  • Join IIDA "I joined IIDA because I am passionate about design and wanted to be involved in the design community and an organization that values community involvement. IIDA offers a wide range of opportunities for networking, education and social interaction with all different aspect of design throughout our community. I wanted to be involved in reaching out to others to help them see the importance of design as well as helping keep our organization up to date on what other chapters throughout the country were doing and reaching out to as many people as we could. Our chapter is continuing to grow each year and has won several awards throughout the years as a small chapter and that is a testament to the members we have ." Laura Rush, IIDA
    Interior Elements
  • Join IIDA "I first joined IIDA to be part of the community of interior designers in Birmingham. What I gained was so much more. I am so proud to be part of an organization that holds community involvement as a priority. Our board strives to make sure its member base has the most current information on recent legislature within interior design as a profession as well as staying current with CEUs." Molly Sarver Duncan, IIDA, RID Alabama Power